Real Estate Investment Consulting Services

Are you considering the purchase of an investment property in Cleveland or Akron, and want to make sure you have all the information you need to evaluate your investment? Our  Real Estate Investment Consulting Services will advise and help you evaluate a potential purchase.

Real Estate Investment Consulting includes:

  • Personalized property assessments for location and rent thresholds
  • Assistance understanding the tenants lease terms and conditions
  • Understanding all associated expenses to evaluate the true return
  • Understanding local City and County laws and requirements for property owners
  • Know what to ask your seller before the purchase to avoid unexpected expenses

Are you purchasing from out of State of Ohio, or even out of the USA? Our Real Estate Consulting Services are used by smart investors who want to research their market, have a representative working for them do an independent walkthrough of a property, and ensure their success before the purchase of a property.

Email vanessa@sskyrealty for pricing and a full list of services