What does a property manager do?

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What does a Property Manager do?

What does a Property Manager do exactly?

Maybe a better question would be….what DOESN’T a Property Manager do?

Here is a brief list of what a property manager might do for the fee you pay them to manage your property. They are all items that Southern Sky Realty includes as part of their management package.

• Meet or confer with an owner of the property, and make sure all details for management are complete.

• Visit the property, evaluate it for the rental market, and suggest or contract ways to make it rent for its highest value.

• Photograph it, create a compelling description and list it in multiple forums such as Zillow, Craigslist, Website, etc. Maintain those listings. Renew and refine as needed.

• Take inquiries, schedule showings, meet prospective renters, answer questions, explain the process and take applications.

• Process applications. Communicate with prospective tenants regarding proof of income, credit, criminal and eviction check, parameters for approval, call for landlord reference and present to the owner for final approval.

• Arrange deposit payment, create a lease and required documents, set an appointment for keys, meet new tenants at the property, do a walk through to set a baseline for the condition, and ensure utilities are in tenant’s name if applicable.

• Take and deal with early tenant move in concerns such as unexpected or unknown maintenance.

• File and share lease with the owner, disperse funds, remove listings.

• Schedule a 90-day post move-in inspection.

• Rent collection by mail or EFT. Monitor payment status, send reminders, facilitate timely rent payment. Dispersal to the owner by the 15th of the month.

• Take maintenance requests, coordinate with owner and tenants to have work done, make payment to contractors.

• Answer questions and queries from owners and tenants.

• Monitor water bills and usage.

• File Rental Registration if applicable.

• Inspect after 90 days.

• Offer lease renewal with owners consent.

• Hang notices and file evictions.

• Coordinate access to the property for buyers, inspectors or contractors.

And remember, a property manager has to follow all Fair Housing requirements and be connected to a Real Estate Broker in the State of Ohio. So they keep everything legal, too.

Your current management company isn’t providing all those services?

Or, you’re looking for a little freedom and peace of mind?

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    Southern Sky Realty, Property Manager
    By: Vanessa Gilbert