Southern Sky Realty

Vanessa Gilbert | Owner/Broker


I have lived in Ohio for 25 years, and Akron for 15 of those, and although it took a while, Akron really does feel like home now. The name, Southern Sky Realty, is my little homage to Australia, where I was born, raised, and where much of my family still lives.

Investment Consulting

Thinking about buying an investment property in Akron or Cleveland, and want professional, third party advice before buying? As you do your due diligence as an investor, you will want to understand your responsibilities, the expectations of the city or county you are buying in, and all expenses you may be responsible for. Contact us today to help assure you are making a solid decision from a distance.

Real Estate Services

Southern Sky Realty has expertise in the investment real estate markets in both Akron and Cleveland, and works closely with buyers, guiding and informing them every step of the way, from a purchase that meets their return criteria, to high quality, professional management services.

Property Management

Southern Sky Realty has a strong focus on Property Management, which we have a great deal of experience with in both Akron and Cleveland.

We work very closely with our owners and investment buyers as they get comfortable with entrusting us with their investments, and we use our expertise and experience as we place tenants and create relationships with them also.

Our expertise is in working with investors out of state and overseas. These clients understand the value of real estate investing and the wisdom of investing in Akron and Cleveland in particular. We believe strongly that investment properties and our commitment to excellent property management improves Akron's and Cleveland's neighborhoods, our investors long term success, and therefore everyone's quality of life.

Our focus on creating relationships with integrity is one of the factors that make us so successful.

Contact us for Residential Property Management Services, Real Estate Services and Real Estate Investment Consulting in Cleveland and Akron, OH