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Deciding to buy a rental property is a big decision, when Investing in real estate there are several things that you will need to consider. First, where should you buy an investment property? Then, what work needs to be done to rent it out? What is the budget for making improvements and how long will it take to get them done? When the property is ready, placing it on the market for rent at the optimal price range to get it rented and make a profit. Screening potential tenants to ensure reliability and safety for your investment.  Finally, maintaining the property and collecting rent from your tenant. In conclusion, understanding how to run the numbers for a rental property is vital for making your investment property work for you.

We enjoy the great information that Coach Carson puts into his articles so we thought we would share them with you. Learn how to run the numbers for a rental property in the article below, if you have questions about how to get started we can help you.

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How to Run the Numbers For Rental Properties – Back-of-the-Envelope Analysis

Looking to use rental properties to retire early?

Who doesn’t want to retire early? Here is a wonderful article about how to use real estate investing to get the ball rolling for early retirement.  This year Southern Sky Realty will be building an inventory of turnkey investments to make buying a rental property easier.

Turnkey Rental Investing 101


How to Retire in 10 Years Using Real Estate Investing (3 Case Studies)

Looking back on 2017

Here is the best content from Coach Carson from 2017, he is an industry leader that we trust.  Taking time to understand investing is important to the process if you would like to get started this year contact Southern Sky Realty to find out how.

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The Best of 2017 From Coach Carson

Turnkey Rental Investing 101

what is a turn key investment property

Turnkey Rental Investing 101

Often we think of rental property investing as a complex task.   Having to find a great deal in a desirable location.  Then do the needed repairs in order to rent it out.  List the property for rent and find a tenant.  Then worry about the costs, risks, and returns.  There are so many unknowns and required skill sets, it’s easy to understand why some people shy away from being property investors. However, the returns are some of the highest around.

What if you could buy a property where all the work had been done for you? Simply enjoy your investment and the returns.

Well, that’s where turnkey investment property comes in.

A turnkey rental or investment property is one where someone has rehabbed a property, placed a screened and market rent tenant in it, and installed professional management services before selling it to an investor.

Turnkey properties can be very appealing to people who want to invest in a market from a distance and know exactly what their return will be from day one of ownership.

They work really well for people who are interested in real estate investing.  Especially those who don’t have the time, interest, or experience to rehab a property.

Investors who are excited to find a deal, rehab it and tenant it, are not ideal turnkey owners.   Turnkey properties generally sell at or close to market value, so there is little built-in equity at purchase.

However, for the owner who simply wants to buy and begin seeing a return, a turnkey property can be a great way to go.

Of course, any smart investor wants to remediate risk, and a turnkey rental is no exception. Buyers need to do their due diligence with the company they are purchasing from.   Th have a general point of sale inspection to be educated about the property itself.

Ideally, a turnkey investment property will be purchased from a company which has honest and transparent business practices.  A philosophy which resonates with the buyer, and professional management in-house. They will be experts in the local market and will offer some kind of warranty on the house for the buyer’s peace of mind.

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By: Vanessa Gilbert

Southern Sky Realty will be offering turnkey rental investment opportunities later this year, please sign up below if you would like more information.

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Tenant Tips: Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Maintenance Checklist

Furnace Filters

Please check your furnace filter! This is a great time to put a fresh filter in so your warm air is clean and efficient. Furnaces take different size filters, so check your size and pick one up.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your family's health and safety are our top priority. When you moved into our property, it would have had working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and checked, but if you've been there a while, we ask you to take a moment to check batteries and replace any that are chirping, removed, or older. This can make the difference between life and death!


Fall Leaves

If you live in a single family home, leaves are your responsibility! Please take the time to rake or blow them to the street, and keep your gardens and yards tidy. The city will post pick up times, and if you have any questions, reach out to us, or the city you live in.

Enjoy this beautiful season!

Property Management in Akron: A look at Southern Sky Realty

"I've made West Akron my home for ten years now, and I love it here. I live in Highland Square with my twin daughters who attend Firestone High School and our cat, Lucinda. I also have a son and daughter who have fledged and are living out on their own. You'll see them, as well as my adorable three year old granddaughter Memphis, in some of our Instagram posts. We absolutely love our red brick street, our wonderful neighbors and our proximity to all that Highland Square has to offer.

I have lived in Ohio for 20 years, and Akron for 10 of those, and although it took a while, Akron really does feel like home now. The name, Southern Sky Realty, is my little homage to Australia, where I was born and raised, and where much of my family still lives.

Our company culture was inspired by my love for the houses and neighborhoods here in Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, and the people who buy, sell and rent them. Homes are such an interesting combination of heart and practicality. A huge investment, and the places we put down roots. I really wanted to create a real estate agency that sought to acknowledge and honor both aspects of ownership, for buyers and sellers, as well as for investors and their tenants.

Southern Sky Realty has a strong focus on Property Management, which we have a great deal of experience with, both myself, and our broker and co-owner, Baxter Widener. We work very closely with our owners and investment buyers as they get comfortable with entrusting us with their investments, and we use our expertise and experience as we place tenants and create relationships with them also. We now have owners in Florida, New York, Las Vegas, California, and Australia, among other places. These clients understand the value of real estate investing, and the wisdom of investing in Akron in particular. We believe strongly that investment properties, and our commitment to excellent property management improves Akron's neighborhoods, and therefore everyone's quality of life. Although Southern Sky Realty is a relatively new agency, it comes with years of experience behind it, and I think this, as well as our focus on creating relationships with integrity, is one of the factors that make us so successful.

When I am not working on or at Southern Sky Realty, I love to take Memphis to her favorite place, the Akron Zoo, and I practice yoga at our neighborhood studio, Yoga Squared. My partner Kirk and I can often be found enjoying delicious food (and wine or beer) at the Mustard Seed Market, or riding our bikes on the towpath. We don't just live in Akron, we really do love it."

By: Vanessa Gilbert